Friday, January 4, 2013

What a Journey

Being a preschool teacher, mother, and wife makes it hard to blog. It seems like I only blog during school breaks. A lot has happened in 5 months. In July we closed in our second garage to turn into an art room.(Click to view original post about art-room) It has been my dream for years to start a children's art studio. I could see my dream coming to life, but I admit, I am a perfectionist. Everything was not perfect with the room yet, and I had run out of funds to bring it up to my standards. Mentally I was not prepared to start classes either. I did not know where to start. Do parents want me to teach their kids form and perspective? I did not feel adequately educated to do that. Would parents really pay me to just paint with their kids? That seemed crazy to me. Who would do that when they could do that at home for free. I told myself that my goal was to have everything ready to start summer art camps in June. I thought a year would be sufficient time to prepare for classes and have everything perfect. The truth is, I was scared.

In October a group of friends that recently started the homeschool journey with their children came to me and wanted me to start a class for their kids. I was excited, and still scared. My plan was June, this was October. I was not ready. Knowing that these women would be honest with me and also allow me to make mistakes I decided to step out, and teach this awesome group of kids one of my passions in life, ART!

That first class went so well I decided to create a Facebook page for (Little Leaf Studio) and offer a few more classes. I expected maybe one more class with four to five kids. God has a way of going way beyond my expectations. I had 2 more class in October that were full with 8 to 11 kids in each class. November I had 4 classes full of kids. In December with Christmas I only had time to offer 3 classes. In January I am offering 6 classes, and one guest artist who is offering an adult (Fine Arts Class). I love it when God pushes me beyond my fear. My little studio is still not perfect, but I do not think it should be.


Casey Corbin said...

Love your story. God has given you so many talants. You could blog professionally. I've always been slightly offended when people say that God demands His we make the most of the gifts He has given us. That's sounds like He's a banker or something. It's a relationship filled with joy of satisfaction, fullfillment and danger. Glad you are colaboring with Him and He is pushing you and you are growing!

Autumn Orozco said...

Thanks Casey! God is good, and the cool thing is this is teaching me how much I need other people.